Macedonian Business Club

Providing support for the commercial and social interests of its members in the communities served.

Aerial view of Ohrid, Macedonia

A Tribute to Philip & Alexander The Great

The battle which finally broke the Persian power fought at the Issus and at Guagamela on the northern Tigris in 333B.C. They are celebrated in the famous mosaic from Pompeii, a Roman copy of a Greek painting, from which this detail above is taken. Alexander, his eyes avid for victory, spurs his horse forward; Darius, panic-stricken, takes the fatal decision to flee; a great dynasty is destroyed, and the way is open for expansion of the western civilzation to the edge.

Our Mission

The Macedonian Business Club strives to unite Macedonian Americans by recognizing and perpetuating the Macedonian Cultural Heritage. Our Goals are to encourage higher education, help those in need, promote responsible citizenship and cultivate democratic ideals and fraternal understanding. Through collective pursuit of goals, the Macedonian Business Club provides support for the commercial and social interest of its members in the communities served.

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